This is the age old question that those who follow dreams or do vision work have been asking since as far back as we can know. The ancients looked to their dreams for meaning in the natural world and their relationship to it. In many ways, this is still true. Many of the motifs and mythologies that are present in dreams have survived millennia and thus speak to a primal part of ourselves which "knows" truths that have seemingly been lost. These truths relate to our purpose for being here, how we are in relationship to each other, the earth and the universal flow of creativity. These truths are no longer self evident but lie shrouded in mystery, mostly forgotten.

Dreams want to naturally open us back up to these truths. Opening to these truths is nothing less than the Kundalini energy of the snake rising in us, our chakras opening, and our connection to our higher self or that which is Divine in us comes alive in Gnosis, a deep inner knowing. This may sound lofty or esoteric, but there is meaning in our dreams and it is not always what we think.

Our dreams have something to teach us. They want to be in conversation with us. The Archetypes are ready to work with us whenever we choose to open our self to the mystery of the dream. What may seem like mundane, everyday occurrences involving family, friends or co-workers are actually nuggets of gold which bring awareness and awakening. Those scary dreams that we think must be avoided often speak to repressed feelings or traumas, or they may speak our repressed desires or simply our terror of the great mystery.

Together, we'll discover the meaning of your dreams. What are they trying to tell you? What are your unique gifts? How do habitual patterns and learned coping mechanisms block you? What difficult feelings do you avoid, and in that avoidance how have you given up the creativity, the joy and the love? What healing do your dreams have to offer?

Through the dreams we'll explore and answer these questions and many more. Please visit my booking page if you would like to explore your dreams with me.