ArtHopLaura at the SEABA Art Hop, Burlington, VTEvery soul longs to manifest creatively!

Active creative expression is a natural outcome of the healing and transformative process. You may find working with your dreams opens you to the creative energy that lives in you.

With the dreams as our guide, we will explore this as it opens. Many individuals who have a daily practice around their dreams have enjoyed a re-discovery of their creative selves through music, drawing, painting, poetry, theater, creative writing and other forms of artistic expression.

This was true for me. I had a dream that the Anima was teaching me how to paint as we painted together. During a particularly difficult spot in my dreamwork, my dream analyst suggested that I draw or paint an image from the dream. This opened the door to a previously unexplored part of myself. One, perhaps, that as a child I knew of, but that had been lost to me. The dream opened me to this desire and it has been a gift that has brought joy to my journey.

To work with your dreams in a creative way, please contact me. I am happy to work with folks who would like to explore the magic of the dream through creative expression. For more information on booking a session: Booking a Session and Cost.

You can see more of my own dream inspired artwork here: Laura's Dream Inspired Art. You can also participate in sharing your own dream-inspired artwork on my FaceBook page Dream as Muse.