"Each and every night, we all enter into this ancient, magical place where anything is possible and the truth of who we are is waiting to be discovered."

~ Laura Smith-Riva


Laura Smith-Riva is a dream seeker, offering one-on-one dream consultation to individuals in the US and abroad. A graduate and board of the Green Mountain Druid Order, she also explores the individual's connection to the natural world through dreams and is developing dream inspired nature based practices designed to support, enliven and deepen the dream wisdom. She lives on a small hobby farm in north central Vermont with her partner of 25 years. When she's not wrangling sheep, you can find her painting or writing in her studio, connecting to the healing energy of the earth, or engaged in laughter and general mayhem with her friends and family on various parts of the globe. She regularly blogs about her journey through dreams on the dream blog In Search of Puella and her art work and writing has been has been featured in several publications and ezines including DeLuge Magazine (2011, 2012, 2015 re-launch), Collective Magazine (2014), Still Point Arts Quarterly (2014), ARAS - Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism, (2014, 2022), The Light Ekphrastic (2015) and The Global Question (2016), Depth Insights Magazine (2017), Mad in America (2018), The Druidical (2019, 2020 & 2021).


“I’m really enjoying the dreamwork...it’s definitely helping me in a way that traditional therapy hasn’t been able to.” M.G. ~ New Orleans, LA

On trauma: "You are definitely someone I feel safe with to go down that deep rabbit hole. Thank you for that ! " J.V. ~ Burlington, VT 

"Thanks again for a wonderful workshop. You are an excellent presenter - very clear and organized and articulate. I also appreciated how you brought your own experience in when it supported the content." P.H. ~ Burlington, VT


Professional affiliations & membership organizations:


natural dreamwork primary logo color Certified Natural Dreamworker, Steering Committee Member, Natural Dreamwork


druidSlideshow  Faculty, Green Mountain School of Druidry 


smart studio logo  Faculty - Studio for Movement Arts & Therapies



 Regional Representative,  International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD)



2 logo  Affiliate, Students of the Dream