Why Natural Dreamwork?

Natural Dreamwork follows the intention of the dream which comes from deep within the archetypal realm of your psyche. The archetypal realm is a dimension within us that is removed from our "conscious" influence. Thus it presents us with opportunity to learn through the images, feelings and teachings it brings. We excavate into the issues that the dreams bring. This helps us to focus on what it is that you already know, on some level, needs to be looked at and worked. The Archetypes are overarching manifestations of our higher self and can help us by showing us what stands in the way of your healing and by showing you the possibility of who you are when you are in your soul self. Archetypal Dreamwork is but one of many paths back to ourselves, but because it offers us the opportunity to work with material that comes from our unconscious, it is unique in its application to each dreamer. There are no predefined psychological precepts.

How is Natural Dreamwork different from other types of dream work?

Natural Dreamwork is different than other forms of dream analysis or dream interpretation which may rely on a simple set of predefined meanings for the various elements or motif of a dream. While there are motifs and seemingly symbolic elements in dreams which can carry a similar energy for many people, Natural Dreamwork places the greatest importance on what each element in the dream means to YOU and what the feeling is that comes up for you in the dream and seeks to enliven the sacred encounters which naturally occur in dreams. Natural Dreamwork is also different in that we view the dream as specific to the dreamer's internal state and therefore we work with the material as it relates to the inner journey.  This may necessarily precipitate outward changes. This is not the goal of the work, but perhaps a necessary by-product of it. This means the dreams are viewed from the perspective of the archetypal realm rather than the outer world reality. This is "felt" work, which means we work with the feelings that the dream wants to invoke in you. Feelings are portals into the depths of your soul and constitute the raw material by which alchemy, or transformation, can occur.

What is an Archetype?

The word archetype comes from Greek and it denotes the first-moulded, original pattern. Jung viewed them as original patterns which carry universally recognized symbols, images, myths and stories. They are entities which live in our own personal psyche and in the collective unconscious most notably seen in mythology, folk lore, and legends and can be seen throughout the imagery of dreams. They may comes as people you know, strangers, creatures, both mythological as well as all the animals of the animal kingdom, or even as earthly elements such as mountains, trees, rivers, planets or cataclysmic events. Archetypes often come in our dreams as teachers, healers, and evokers of feelings, the raw materials that we work with in Natural Dreamwork. Because they often can't just show us the truth of who we are directly as divine beings, they will show us the lies that we believe about ourselves instead, often by mirroring our behaviors or beliefs. In this way, Archetypes can be provocative as well as loving and supportive. This is because, in Natural Dreamwork, we must learn and know what is false in order for what is true to emerge. What we think is true, may in fact be a lie. In Natural Dreamwork, the Archetypes help us sort this out.

I am agnostic or don't like organized religion. Is this work religious in some way?

Natural Dreamwork is not a religion nor is it meant to replace a religious or spiritual practice or force a belief system on to you. When we speak of the "soul", we are referring to your higher self. You get to describe your experience using those labels which work best for you. Some refer to the soul, some to higher self. Some refer to the great spirit or the great mystery; or gnosis. Some refer to God in this work. Discussions of our beliefs occur as a natural part of the process, but each individual finds their own place in his or her work that suits them with regards to this issue. While I often refer to the "Divine" or "Divine Love", I am referring to a connection to something in you.

Is Natural Dreamwork going to make me well or fix my problems?

Natural Dreamwork as a healing service and information offered at this website are not intended as a substitute for professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment and advice. I am not a qualified medical professional that diagnoses conditions and/or prescribes any medications.

You are responsible for your own medical treatment and care. Always consult your Medical Doctor if you think you need medical attention and in all cases it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your healthcare professional.

Natural Dreamwork is viewed by many as a positive addition to regular medical care, and is offered only as an alternative and complementary healing option. I make no guarantees, claims or promises that my services can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any conditions/disorders. I make no guarantees, claims or promises that my services will fix marital, family, work or other problems or issues you may be facing.

Many benefits have been experienced by those who have participated in Natural Dreamwork with positive and sometimes therapeutic outcomes reported as a by-product of their work with dreams. In that sense, Natural Dreamwork may be viewed as a supportive healing modality.

 What if I don't dream?

Everyone dreams. You may not always remember your dream or you may dream in cycles, but I have found that once you place an intention around engaging with your psyche through your dreams, the dreams begin to come.

What about nightmares? Won't it be scary to work with them?

Nightmares are often dreams that really want to get our attention. In Natural Dreamwork, what is bad is sometimes "good" and what is good is sometimes "bad". Our perception is skewed by our ego's need to be in control and by trauma that we carry from this life time and possibly others. We will learn what your "nightmares" want you to know. Remember, the dream will not bring anything you cannot handle. So, if it comes in the dream, it is something you are meant to look at.

What about recurring dreams?

Again, these are dreams that really want to get your attention. There is something that you need to know, an issue that is blocking you in some way. Or, perhaps the recurring dream is a calling. Either way, the dream wants you to pay attention.

What does "Puella" mean?

The term "Puella" as referenced in my blog In Search of Puella can be translated from Latin as meaning "girl". In this work, I refer to Puella as the eternal girl. Does this mean Archetypal Dreamwork is only for women? NO! This is simply my reference to my own journey back to the girl in me, much as Carl Jung's girl was known to him as "Salome". This girl represents the feminine aspect of our soul which we must come back into alignment with in order to become whole. We also must have the masculine aspect of our soul. These two aspects, the feminine and the masculine, must be united in us for true individuation to occur. The masculine aspect provides the autonomy and desire to hold the creative, more relational feminine aspect. When these two are out of balance, many psychological issues may be present in us. In a larger context, the imbalance is also reflected in the world. Many believe that the feminine has long been subordinate to the masculine and that this must change for the future of our environment and humanity

OK, how does it work and how do I get started?

I work with clients at an interval that makes sense for them, but typically my clients meet with me every two weeks. In between sessions, you will record your dreams and then send them to me a few days before our session. I may speak with you before our session to do what we call "dream associations", which is a process of gathering information on what particular elements in the dream mean to you and what the feelings were at certain moments in the dream. This is all included in the cost of the session. Sessions are 1.5 hours long and can be done via phone, Skype or in-person. To get started visit Booking a Session & Cost.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..